Become an insurance agent

Become an insurance agent

A new year always brings new resolutions. Get in better shape and be healthy, study something interesting, extend the family, or think about a career change. If you have started thinking about the latter, a career change, and you want to enter one of the best professions in the United States you may want to become an insurance agent.

Perhaps you keep thinking about leaving your life as an employee behind in order to create your own profession and business. However, time goes by and we do not decide to take that step without taking into account that almost everything in life takes a great deal of effort and sacrifice. On the other hand, it is probably too cumbersome to pursue a university career because of the costs and the time we must invest in order to graduate and develop the activity we are studying.

But there are other professions that are no less attractive economically speaking and you don’t have to be a university professional. A profession where you can have the freedom to choose how much to earn and how much time to devote to your work schedule, with no bosses or ties, or at least with the freedom to choose where to work and whom to work with.

Insurance is a profession for life.

It is a very rewarding activity where you can develop all possible initiatives to obtain more and more sales. One of those professions is an insurance agent.

If -on the other hand- you are afraid to leave your traditional job where you work 8 hours or more and you do not have the courage to take that step, we recommend you do it because there are more than 10 reasons why it will be highly beneficial for you to become an insurance agent.

An insurance agent is a professional that develops his work in an ethical and responsible way and can help clients to obtain the best and most complete insurance quotes. The insurance agent interprets insurance policies and explains them to the clients so they know what the best options and alternatives are. Therefore, your job would consist of advising and helping people to apply for different insurances, be it health insurance, car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, or any other.

Compare your current job and lack of financial incentives with all those reasons that would push you to prepare and study for one of the best professions that exist in the United States.

Being an insurance agent is a job that never runs out. Imagine how many people need car insurance, for instance, how many insurance agencies of this type you know. Remember car insurance is mandatory and because of the number of vehicles we have, this type of insurance job never ends. If you look at the health area, it will also be extremely profitable, now with the mandatory health insurance (Obamacare) and a higher volume of people looking for health insurance, you will not be short of clients, being a health insurance salesman.

Own your time but also your future.

Become an insurance agent. I have been an insurance agent in the USA for 10 years and I have never regretted this decision. Once you get used to owning your own time and not counting on anyone to make you the money you will realize the vast possibilities you have been losing and how much you can get.

In many cases, such as health insurance and life insurance, the payments are by sales commissions. Yes, it is true that you will say goodbye to your $8 or $9 or even $15 an hour on a regular job… But I would ask you a question: would you rather make $8 or $9 or even $15 and work 8 hours (40 hours/week) or make $25, $40, or even $50 an hour and work less than 40 hours a week?

The answer to why you should become an insurance agent is clear. You are in charge of making your own decisions and knowing what is best for you and your family’s future. Become an insurance agent. We can help you.

We can direct you to our nearest school where you can start working towards studying and getting your license with the state of Florida as an insurance agent.