The Future May Be Very Promising, Your Future As An Insurance Agent. Many People Want This Or That, But Is The Future Really Planned? If you want to go somewhere … Would you take any car or bus or any route? No, You Must Take The Specific Route That Will Certainly Take You Where You […]

Insurance License 220

GET THE 220 INSURANCE LICENSE IN MIAMI, ORLANDO, TAMPA, IN FLORIDA? What are the requirements that I must have to obtain the 220 insurance license? The 220 Insurance License May Give You The Opportunity To Have A Highly Paying Profession In The Insurance Industry In The United States. Compared to other insurance licenses such as […]

Being an insurance agent is doing good to others.

Because being an insurance agent is doing good to others, not only what matters is the cash. Truly have you thought that you can’t belong to the middle class in America? In Dolphy School we make it so. In less than 90 days you can become a professional in insurance. We are a certified insurance […]

For Insurance Agents Sales with Telemarketing

How to achieve sales in telemarketing? How to obtain sales of insurance by making phone calls or telemarketing? How can I keep a successful link with customers or prospects over the telephone? It is likely that you have not realized the possibilities and wonders that you can do with a telephone at hand. Some insurance […]

Why become Health Insurance Agent?

Why is it economically beneficial for you to become a health insurance agent and get your license in the state of Florida? Insurance School in Miami, Florida. Dolphin Insurance School With the new health plans of Obamacare, immense possibilities as an agent in the health marketplace for insurance have surfaced. Becoming a health or medical […]

For Insurance Agents Sales with referrals

How to obtain sales from referrals? How to obtain insurance sales recommended by other clients? Which is the treatment with leads generated by reference of clients, friends, and known ones? The easiest method to sell insurance is to do so by referrals or recommendations from our clients, friends , and acquaintances. When you have to […]

Insurance Agent Sales with Flyers

How to obtain sales using Flyers. How to obtain leads and qualified prospects for sales of insurance promoting your business with Flyers. Some of the more economical methods to sell for beginner agents or sellers of insurance through: The Flyers. An excellent method to obtain leads and prospects without it being too costly is through […]

How to become an Insurance Agent

How to obtain a license as an insurance agent in the State of Florida? How to become a medical insurance agent or life insurance agent (Health and Life Insurance Agent) The four steps needed for an Insurance agent license and becoming a salesperson Why did we write this article?  It is rather exhausting searching for […]