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Process of Personal Character Data

Visitors accessing this website acknowledge the fact they must be 14 years of age or older. Usage of the site is to inform and must be used accordingly.

The user authorizes Insurance School Miami. company which administrates this site for the management of personal data to give the user voluntary access for the following purpose: *To solicitate information via the telephone, electronically, to obtain or renew license of insurance or simply to gain knowledge to sell insurance.

In this case, the user accepts that:

Your data including name, telephone number, particular direction and other data will be provided to corresponding organizations for the required attention derived by the request. Being the main physical entity for Schools of Insurances, they have the approval and appropriate requirements required by the state of Florida to practice and issue certification. The intention and goal is to inform and teach through paid class courses from our site in order to obtain certification or licenses required by the state of Florida. Therefore, your data may be used exclusively for the purpose indicated previously to organizations including legal parties or with whom are in association with Dolphy Inc. and including in the use via electronics or to organizations in other countries in respect to Florida legislation in the United States of America. It is at our best interest under Insurance School Miami to protect personal data. Data received is treated with confidentiality and professionalism. This information is not given to third parties or organizations to be used for different purposes not authorized under Insurance School Miami

Any users visiting this website do so voluntarily soliciting their own information for the purpose of being contacted through telephone or other forms through Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc It is probable that shared data may reach email campaign and telemarketing companies which is understood through the privacy policy that data was given voluntarily. It is up to the right of the user to deny such rights to telemarketing and email campaign companies by removing self from their list. Once removed, they will no longer contact said user.

The archives and files created under the supervision and control of and Dolphy Inc. are responsible for protecting data confidentiality and integrity of the users, clients,and visitors according to agreement legislative laws established by Florida, United States of America.

Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc is not responsible for facts registered voluntarily by users on our website. This website reserves the right to exclude any party who tries to undermine the operation of our company. Falsified information (incorrect email, telephone number, or direction) given on Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc will not be permitted and therefore these parties will be removed from our database. Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc reserve the right to deny anyone even though data is correct and current due to variable character elements causing doubts about his or her interest or intentions. Therefore, the user will be excluded from registration who have incurred situations indicated in the previous sections.

Policy of anonymous Navigation through website

Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc obtain anonymous data about their visitors. The information that is obtained are:

*The domain name of the internet provider (ISP) that gives access to the red. For example, a user of provider XXX is identified with the domain In this form it is posible to elaborate the statistical tendencies of visitors, zones from where the visitors visit from, and people who utilize and visit often the website.

*Day, date and time are obtained in access to our website. This allows necessary adjustments to be made in order to avoid any access issues by recording when users most often access the site.

*The internet address or link that allows for easy access to our website is recognized. We know the effectiveness of different links that directly point to us in order to offer better results.

*The number of visitors daily visiting each subdomain, page, or section of our site is known as well as the usage of keywords. This allows us to know greater areas of interests to allow us to improve content and improve in any areas to help visitors, user, or clients in order to obtain a result.

*Therefore, our website is supported by statistics and detailed solutions by visits of different types and tendencies in Google Analytics. This web does not have relation with Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc and does not work with Google or its affiliates. However, Google Analytics uses mark on the pages and anonymous cookies to analyze what happens on our site. If you wish to revise and obtain more information on the privacy policy of Google Analytics, you can enter at :

Policy of Navigation with Cookies

Our website uses cookies. These cookies are computer files stored on the user’s device during navigation. It allows for the identification of the user’s device. In general, different types of cookies exist:

*Cookies by expiration:

*The type that expires after the end of the session

*The type that do not expire at the end of the session yet persist.

*Cookies by origin:

*The type enabled for the website for navigation for its origin

*The type that comes from third parties for other web sites.

The utilization of tracking statistics associated with cookies for and Dolphy Inc. in junction with the utilization of the same can be the following:

1-The analytical

The analytical cookies are used to collect statistical activity made by the user. This includes the amount of users who visit the website, the number of subdomains analyzed, visited pages or section as well as the general frequency the user uses the website. Information is always collected anonymously in such a way that cannot be linked between it and the person allegedly accessing the web site.

2.Used for Authentication

This type of cookies is used by the website for the development and maintenance adapted during the visit. User name and password authenticates the user who intends to privately use the website for access.

  1. Used for Social networks

This type of cookie makes it possible for the user to share contacts in social networks the content of interest through buttons enabled for this purpose (script or plugin). The user’s visit is stored and accessed through cookies making it possible for the social network to identify users interacting with it.

  1. Used for external complements of content

These cookies are tracked and stored by third parties and are necessary for the benefit of some type of service. Included in this category of cookies is the derived multimedia players that are used to store technical data with the objective to reproduce adequately content of video or audio and image quality.

  1. Used for third parties for personalization of advertising spaces.

They are known and stored by third parties and allow management for advertising spaces. If any, the users know when accessing the website. Except the cookies analytical, the use of these has an effect on the knowledge of the user data and privacy possibly relating its content with the connecting Ip address and other personal data mentioned above that brings the user voluntarily.

Therefore by means of the acceptance of the present Policy of Privacy and use of cookies, the user is allowing the generation of cookies for the actions previously indicated.

Other than as stated in the previous paragraph and pointed out in others, in the event that the user wants to delete cookies, cache, history, password, etc that are stored on your device and that necessarily involve discomfort on the part of the user, you can do so using methods provided by the browser. To know more on this subject and proceed with these actions, you can visit the following web browsers for additional information:



Internet Explorer:




Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc excludes any responsibility in respect to information on this website and your subsidiary web sites comes from sources outside of Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc and the contents are not developed by us.

Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc is an informative and educational website that declines any responsibility for liability issued with the treatment and conduct of third parties or not with Dolphy Inc where there could exist an injury to the user or bad handling. In such cases the legal person shall be completely responsible. The user is to maintain proper ethics and professionalism that allows good development of the voluntary use.

The objective of the external links that appear in this website exclusively to inform the user over the possibility of other sources of information on the material that is objective in this website or other contents understood via internet where the information can be extended in this web. Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc will not be in any case responsible for   content or performance of those websites of third parties to which it leads these links through hypertextual connections or another type.

Copyright Entitlement

All right are reserved. It is rigorously prohibited without written authorization from the copyright holders to reproduce, distribute, transform, manipulate, publicaly communicate or other acts of exploitation using images or texts derived from Dolphy Inc and Therefore, strict regulations are enforced prohibiting the spreading or publication in whichever means of internet, tv, or radio. However users and webmaster can share content extracted by way of article, video, picture, or text with recognition to the website and author.Information is not to be used or altered without concern of the website and author.

Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc reserves the right at any moment without previous warning to make needed modifications, variations, suppressions or cancellations of texts and contents in order to provide the user with the latest version accessible.

Insurance School Miami and Dolphy Inc reserves the right to manage website and change or cancel projects without prior notice. These rights in no way grant the users, clients, insurance agents, or organizations outside of Dolphy Inc faculty to perceive moral, materials, or financial compensations by questions that are considered arbitrary on the part of the user or damages.