We are very excited to offer our services as EscueladeSegurosMiami.com to the entire community of Miami and Florida. It has never been so close and affordable, to obtain the knowledge required to learn to be a professional agent, salesperson, or a licensing broker as an agent with the state of Florida. For all you who feel that immense need for creating and helping others, these next words and these simple pages are for you.

That to us is an insurance agent, the professional staff goes beyond the need to make money; one who is passionate about providing the customers with the best products in health insurance or life insurance, auto insurance or other policies required by law or by specific needs. With this interest and full agreement with you all is where we create this space.

We pursue the same goals and have the great need to transmit what we know. Our faculty and instructors and the direction of EscueladeSegurosMiami.com emphasizes safeguarding these principles, and to provide quality care that unites the experience of these, more than 40 years in the insurance industry, with our 12 years with customers and 6 by providing information on our various websites. Much has happened in recent years in which a dream flooded our thoughts and hearts and thanks to you we have achieved all of them working on our website from our absolute preference in the community of Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Florida and all states as far away as Texas and California. For Hispanics, more than 50 million Latinos who built this country, here’s our message,

  • Whether informing our people about insurance, in our language.
  • Connecting them with the right agent for them
  • Teaching or advising on sales and marketing,
  • And now helping them to obtain pre-licenses as insurance agents,

There is no parallel in the Spanish insurance market in the United States, a draft Dolphy EscueladeSegurosMiami.com Insurance School, began as a longing and today it is a more latent and a firm commitment to be better every day for the benefit of actually you, our community.