Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise

Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise

A combined service business for only $10000.

So, you have completed the 220 General Lines (property and casualty) insurance license, but you don’t know what to do with it. Perhaps you don’t have the license, but you still want to invest in a good business and need alternatives: Now you can create your own business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise.

For those who don’t know what a franchise is, we recommend you to search Wikipedia for the term.

Did you get your 220 License and you don’t know what to do with it?

Lots of questions may come to your mind when you finish your 220 insurance license and you have to look for work alternatives. You may feel lost.

Here are the alternatives you have:

1- You can get hired by a constituted agency and work with them as a salaried employee. It is the easiest and fastest way to enter the working life. There is no doubt that this step can help you to acquire experience in the field. However, you are only a salaried employee, still an employee.

This is not bad news, but it is a pity to have this kind of license and not to get a 400% profit from it. Create your own business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise.

We all know the effort students go through to get the 220 License. As a certified insurance school, we not only try to teach but educate in what is more convenient and fruitful for our students. If any student is successful, our task has been accomplished.

How much can you make as a salaried employee? Maybe $12 to $15 an hour plus commission and there is an element that you must take into account: having this license makes you liable for the bad or good things that happen inside that agency.

Therefore, we recommend you to think carefully about the decision you are going to make. Your license would be at the service of that agency.

2- You can create your own insurance agency. You can legally do it with the 220 license. The 220 insurance license offers you the state approval not only to produce but to be in charge. You can be the agent in charge or even the manager of an auto insurance agency, for example, since you have the 220 license. 

Sounds good. Maybe, with a little money, you can rent an office, buy some furniture, invest in equipment in order to create your own insurance agency. However, you still lack the most important thing: the appointments from the insurance carriers.

Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise

Build Your Business and Create an Insurance and Tax Franchise

Unfortunately, when you’re a new insurance agent or a new agency, the big insurance carriers do not give you the appointments you need to sell their products. That doesn’t happen when you buy a franchise.

Start big and create your own business with an Insurance and Tax franchise.

3- You can make the best decision: Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax franchise. Imagine the appointments come to you from one day to the next. Just like that, because when you buy an insurance franchise you acquire all the appointments from the parent company: the franchisor.

So from not having a single company or appointment or product to sell, you go to having more that 10 or 12 insurance carriers, overnight. It is truly fantastic.

You also acquire all the infrastructure that helps you sell: computers, software, logo, branding, prestige, and most importantly the experience. Parent companies offer you a complete training and continuous know-how.

In the tax field, the franchise we propose also includes all of the above.

Thus, you may have a combined business: insurance and tax.

What kind of franchise can you create?

What can be the best business routes?

How much money do you need to invest?

There are many excellent insurance franchises. In South Florida, you must have surely heard or seen them on radio and TV: Univista Insurance, Estrella Insurance, Geico, Allstate, State Farm, etc. Today we propose one of the most prestigious agencies locally:


Check these facts and Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise with Univista Insurance

1- As for the money to invest, you roughly need $10,000 to do it and it includes both franchises: Insurance and Taxes. In other words, $5000 for each business franchise. This franchise type offers a combination of services.

Learn how to succeed. Build your Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise

2- The rest of the investment money is paid in easy installments, once you have established the business. This means that you have a chance not to pay the full amount of money at your own pace. The total investment money is fairly low, unlike other franchises that require several thousands of dollars.

3- Univista Insurance has countless satisfied clients and it has great prestige. Moreover, it has been offering insurance franchises as a profitable business.

4- Univista Insurance offers all the training you need to get your agency up and running and be as successful as possible. Besides, Univista Insurance’s focus is the U.S. Hispanic market and it is dedicated to our people.

There are many more reasons why make the best decision of your life. Create Your Own Business with an Insurance and Tax Franchise. Our school can connect you with the people in charge who will give you all the necessary information.