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How to obtain sales from referrals?How to obtain sales from referrals?

How to obtain insurance sales recommended by other clients?

Which is the treatment with leads generated by reference of clients, friends, and known ones?

The easiest method to sell insurance is to do so by referrals or recommendations from our clients, friends , and acquaintances. When you have to generate a lead or a prospect in different ways, many times you should create the interest.

Its to say the client either has or does not have the need, but does not understand or is not looking for insurance, by which the results are more difficult to sell but not impossible just more laborious. However, with the person recommended by others, there is a 90% sales opportunity.

Trust is the most important link to “grow” for the insurance agent.

And this is for a simple reason. That person who recommended is either client or friend who has already tested out your product or services and know that quality exists in what you do. They know they can trust in you that you will not trick or scam that other person.

Remember that it is very important to know insurance salespeople as well as those who dedicate themselves to products and non tangible products. It is to say that sale that are not demonstrated at the moment, you are selling more than “promises.”

If you have something in your hands to sell (Product X) and you can touch, smell, feel, demonstrate the quality. It is relatively faster to demonstrate it. How do you demonstrate a product that you are trying to sell, in this case a policy of insurance, is good if the client will not know. You will not demonstrate at that moment? Very simple: confidence, prestige, professionalism, ethics, responsibility, and in addition to the ability to sell among other elements.

In insurances, the client buys the image rather than the product that is offered.

The customer buys more images than product or service. You can have an insurance policy that is of great quality that if you do not sell with confidence, the client will not buy. The people need to be convinced that the person that is in from is the indicated to obtain what you are looking for. Otherwise, you lose your time miserably.

It is likely that your friend or acquaintance that recommended you to another does not know the product or service that you are offering and is not aware of it or does have the accuracy to suggest. However you do it because they know you and you are confident about your seriousness and you give it with a strong possibility that you know that you will not make them look badly.

Request referrals more than those who voluntarily tell yo, can lead to successful results.

Therefore, we strongly recommend that use this resource to solicit referrals rather than settle for those who were voluntarily given. In 99% cases, those referred or recommended are easy to sell to because they have the necessity and in sales is the link that is important in order to close and obtain the expected success for both the agent and customer.

Calculate 20 sales a month that you can make (to put a number X), get from these 2 referrals from you family, friends, or acquaintances and you get from these 40 leads of insurance at least 30 sales. Your business has grown supremely.

The referred or recommended by other clients or prospects is another magnificent procedure in order to obtain insurance leads as well leads obtained by flyers or others ways. Each interview that you have with a prospect, once you make the sale try to obtain a referral from their environment.

Ask for referrals but do not comprise the sale that you are doing for wanting to do more than you should.

Do not make the mistake of doing so before the sale. Take care of the initial activity that you are to perform there. Once you have finished, kindly ask that person if they would recommend anyone.

If the buyer tells you that they will give your card or your telephone to the so called interested party, you can obtain another successful lead. Unfortunately, you will have less impact if you are able to provide the telephone number and can call the lead on his behalf.

In my years of face to face direct sales, i have produced many results receiving referrals from customers. There is nothing more comforting than knowing the good work you have done. If they did not trust you, they would have not recommended your services.

There was a time in which i gained many results with a small model where at the end of each sale in the method of a survey, i would ask the customer their opinion of my work. The survey would ask the customer how well i conducted my work whether i did or did not do a good job or if excellent or perhaps they wished to make a small comment on it.

You must not overwhelm anyone into writing paragraphs in a survey. The important thing is what comes at the end indicating the customer to “Please put the name and phone number of two people you would like to recommend.”

You can give some type of incentive for their recommendation or discount of your services. Perhaps a gift card from a store or another type of stimulus. We all like to save money and receive something in return. This recommendation may lead you to easily obtain a telephone number and name.

The effectiveness of the insurance appointment and referral sale is right now.

In many cases, the person which you ended up selling to, called in the act the recommended, in this form has been a tremendous effect for the immediate sale. The “panorama” was still hot and the person on the telephone line wanted to buy immediately.

For this reason, many times i have left from one appointment to the next to the house of the new recommended. You must not waste time on a sale. The minutes, hours, and days are crucial. Each second counts and if you leave it to “cool” the interest in many cases becomes diluted or other priorities to buy other things that are not pertaining to insurance products arises and in most cases you must wait.

If it is not possible to be attended at the moment, propose the sale not for days but for another hour in the day or the next day. Try to not let too much time lapse from when you left the house of the “recommender” to meet with that person. It is important to keep this in mind otherwise you will not get expected results.

Having the desire leaves a cycle effect that will repeat itself. When you get to an interview with the new client, they will refer you to other and so on.

Becareful when selling in an unfortunate manner to those referred to for it can lead to a domino effect.

However, the nature of this type of sales is relatively easy since it is favored by customers and friends that are know your line of work or course of action. You must be careful to sell properly and to sell a product of quality or if the product if not of the highest quality, you should mention it although it is negative or the least positive from the products that you are selling.

If you do not face it in this manner, you may have a domino effect with the 3 clients that you got for example from a single person through referrals: In not liking one, they comment to another and all cancel on you. This is fatal. After all the effort you have done no one else is to blame but you. You did something wrong. At least that has always been my focus and has given me many results.

Always before i leave a client’s home who did not wish to buy, i do not reflect on the fact the customer did not wish to buy on the contrary i question why i was not able to make the sale. I never thought that the person i just finished seeing was a fool or “I don’t know what” like most salespeople say.

They believe they do not sell due to the lack of interest or by the attitude of the customer. If you manage to get to the root of the issue noting what you did or said wrong or may have missed, you can improve and move forward. Success on sales depends on your ability to work hard to sell and improve on how you do so focusing on your customer.

There are no good or bad products. There are only good or bad sellers. Of course, some insurance policies are very poor and even the most experienced sales agents can not make the sale. Regardless, never use the tactic of lying or telling half truths or simply decorating certain phrases to make a sale.

In this manner, you have in your hands the possibility to obtain substantial sales through referrals, recommendations, from people interested in buying and depend on you to give adequate attention to reach final results and become a professional salesperson or insurance agent.



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