For Insurance Agents Sales with Telemarketing

How to achieve sales in telemarketing? How to achieve sales in telemarketing?

How to obtain sales of insurance by making phone calls or telemarketing?

How can I keep a successful link with customers or prospects over the telephone?

It is likely that you have not realized the possibilities and wonders that you can do with a telephone at hand. Some insurance agents that i know complain that they do not have prospects or leads to sell without realizing that a solution is right in their hands.

Working consistently with prospects and customers is what allows them to know you are there to access their needs or help them discover their needs. This allows you to satisfy their demands with respect to the products that you will be selling and achieve sales from other products we possess.

Assisting customers or prospects and telephone calls not only produces sales but recommendations to other people as well. You obtain referrals and recommendations from your work that later can lead to sales. There must be an established link allowing you to know your customer’s suggestions and claims in order to maintain an active insurance policy.

Powerful Method of sale for insurance agents: Phone calls or Telemarketing

Telemarketing, telephone calls, or telemarketing provides a fabulous opportunity. In your business, you will be acquiring vast data information over time and it is a pity to be missed.

It is certain for many insurance agents or beginners, that it is tedious to devote time in documenting contact lists and calling people who have previously bought from us or those “cold” cases in our database from past insurance agents who were unable to sell to these customers. Some do not like this and complain that there is no one to sell to. This method can be one of your best solution to your needs for insurance prospects.

In Latin America, it is a widespread mode. The call center is probable to contract someone to do this job. You can pay them for leads. This depends on the business you have established. This can give some result but the disadvantage is that you do not have someone physically present and the control and the possibility that your leads or database will be utilized. For you, it would only be a bit troublesome.

Many telemarketers in Latin America or outside of your environment try to get the greatest amount of money possible and at times they sell leads they have taken from you to competitors. You must maintain as much as control as possible and check on them. With the present technology, you can do this.

If on the contrary you can have somebody in your zone or nearby to you that could do this work for you, that would be marvelous. You can pay them by each lead obtained or hourly. Keep in mind that people feel more stimulated if you pay them based on commission that increases by volume.

Perhaps you can combine two methods of payments, a fixed basic, small salary and commission by volume of leads based greater salary so they feel stimulated for their work.

You can not tremble your hands when it comes time to pay and find a person to do this telemarketing. Wouldn’t you gain hundreds of dollars with an insurance policy? Then that work costs a great amount of dedication. Of the sale that you will get obtained through lead by this person, is only 5%.

Serving Customers or prospects using Telemarketing stimulates your business with by 200%

You need to test the results to see which method, that is listed, which people are the best to obtain sales from with this type of working using the telephone. You can manage this based on results that come from it and working to correct some things. It is important in both cases to constant train the person who will be doing this type of work.

It is possible that you can do it. This way, you would keep this money for yourself. Dedicate 2 to 3 hours a day doing this. In this case, you may not know where to begin, no one to call because you are just starting and you have no database just yet. The yellow pages or directories can be a good option or it is possible to buy some listing at a good price. On the internet you can find it. It is a bit difficult but with patience in the search, you will achieve it.

A database with customers and prospects is worth gold. Take care of it.

Frankly, the most difficult thing to have is a good list of prospect to call or a good database. It is possible that many cases stayed pending to give an estimate or quote or maybe they seemed interested. These are the case that should be address and contacted first.

Others did not have the money to buy or perhaps they have to consult their partner or another person. Those cases are increasing creating a beneficial listing for telemarketing.

It is extremely important by all means to control these lists or database documentation. When you talk with a person, you must be in control of writing indication and notation for future use.

For example:

  • They do not answer
  • They already have insurance(record which one) and the policy expires on (record date)
  • They need to consult with their partner, call at this time (record indicated time discussed)
  • Already my customer, record details-information and type of policy
  • Have specified to not bother them again

The notes or data most helpful can yield results after a while with the person that you spoke to and the specific characteristics that could or could not help towards a sale through this form of telemarketing.

Now, something extremely fundamental is the “speech” that you are going to use when making calls. Either do it yourself or use a call center but you must train yourself properly to give the indicated message you wish to convey. This will lead to other leads or better yet, a sale.

What you say to prospects will not always be the same. Factor in differences. You will speak differently to someone you are already working with or that you obtained through a referral. In the first case, you must wake up the interest of the customer. This is more difficult. In the second case, it is relatively easy already knowing the interest of the client.

I have had the opportunity by using Skype to train several Call Centers in Latin America so that they have a strategy for their marketing campaigns. “What you say and how you say it” is crucial for the success of this contest.

Often, they make the mistake of telling people that an insurance agent can visit them personally at their homes or offices to give “Information without Commitment.” It happens that many people say yes  to get out of the present situation and when you call them to confirm the appointment, you realize this person was infact not interested.

On a daily base, telemarketers call from different companies with offers and promises, and at times you are busy and tell them whatever they want to hear without interest in order to end the conversation. These types of issues can happen to you too. You do not want this effect when it comes to your telemarketing campaign.

The work of making telephone calls or telemarketing is extremely professional.

In the worst cases, there are those who tell lies to others on the telephone. This creates false expectations and yields absolutely no real results or leads. This is the least form of professionalism and is not recommended to practice in this manner. You want to build a relationship with your clients not based on falsified information. The main thing you must demonstrate in your business is prestige and telling lies leads to nothing.

In some moment if you wish to practice in this manner, this business is not the right one for you. Dedicate your time to another activity. Pardon me for talking to you in this manner, but it is for your own good.

The salesperson never should tell lies in order to convince. With a solid argument and pitching information in the correct manner, you can convince anyone. Treat others in the way you would want to be treated and this will leads to much success in life.

A procedure that can give many results from your telemarketing campaign:

Perhaps offer some stimulus to peak the interest of the receiver. Anyways, it is an activity that should be done on a daily basis with new prospects or those that already have a degree of interest.

For this reason, in your hands you have a powerful tool for work: to obtain leads, prospects and/or insurance sales through telemarketing. Remember that being an insurance agent means being your own boss. You are going to be able to plan your time and how you wish to share it on a daily basis. This is very important because you do not depend on anybody but can be dangerous if you are not disciplined and goal oriented.

Every day you should look for ways to be able to obtain those leads by telemarketing, referrals, flyers or other routes and make documentations like lists. Obtaining an insurance sale is not difficult for a trained professional who mainly wishes to help others safeguard the security of one’s family.



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