How to Get a 220 Insurance License

How to get a 220 insurance license?

What are the requirements I must have to obtain it?

If you are thinking about getting the 220 insurance license, you are on the right track towards a well-paid profession in the insurance industry in the United States; that is why it is important to know how to get a 220 insurance license.

Also known as general-lines insurance license or all-lines insurance license, the 220 license has better possibilities for professional growth and at the same time, it is in high demand.

In order to get it, you must enroll in an insurance pre-licensing course approved by the State of Florida like the one we offer in our school, and upon completion of this course and passing the exams, you must sit for the state exam.

The process above may seem a bit difficult, but you must keep your faith and envision the rewarding future you will have with this profession in hand.

Then, how to get a 220 insurance license? Well, the pre-licensing course in the insurance school is 200 hours. You must complete all the chapters or sections and pass the different exams. This pre-licensing step is mandatory. Once you finish the insurance school, your results are reported to Tallahassee’s Chief Financial Officer and then you are green-lighted so you can take the state exam.

Upon passing this exam, you must be fingerprinted and you must apply for your license by creating a profile on the official website of the State of Florida.

Make sure that you choose an approved insurance school that offers this type of license and -if possible- has certified instructors, who are perfectly trained to help you obtain your license.

What are the pre-licensing pre-requisites?

The requirements are the same for other types of insurance licenses.

  • You must be over 18 years of age,
  • be a resident of the State of Florida,
  • and have a social security number and work permit. 

Advantages of the 220 insurance license

The 220 insurance license allows you to work in a certified insurance agency or you can even create your own insurance agency.

Having the 220 license means you are the person to whom the insurance company will give the approvals or “appointments” in order to be able to sell the different products.

What would you sell?

There are different kinds of license. For instance, with the 440 license you become a Certified Customer Service Representative. However, you can only work under supervision and only as a salaried employee. On the other hand, the 220 license allows for better job and investment possibilities. You can become completely independent if that is what you are looking for.

Besides, by getting the 220 license, you have both the 440 and the 220 license. Moreover, you get the 240 health insurance license, a license that is currently in high demand in this industry, due to Obamacare and other health plans. In fact, you get licensed to sell all insurance lines.

How to get a 220 insurance license? It will not be easy. There is a lot content that you need to cover and master. Nevertheless, it is worthy. With the 220 insurance license you can create your own agency and sell auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance, commercial insurance of any kind, liability insurance, as well as health plans through Obamacare, as well as other HMOs, PPOs.

You get a whole roster of products inside your that will help you reach the objectives you are have been pursuing for so long.