Insurance Agent Sales with Flyers

How to obtain sales using Flyers. How to obtain sales using Flyers.

How to obtain leads and qualified prospects for sales of insurance promoting your business with Flyers.

Some of the more economical methods to sell for beginner agents or sellers of insurance through: The Flyers.

An excellent method to obtain leads and prospects without it being too costly is through the distribution of flyers. I will explain how this works in the United States in Miami, Florida.

Normally, printing 5000 flyers costs approximately $100-$150. This amount of flyers, 5000, is plenty in order to start.

When you are ready, distribute a few flyers on a daily basis. However, it is not recommend that you do it. You will see through the next strategies how important it is to dedicate your time to other things precisely by working to develop leads that will be coming in. Remember you will always have to put money in order to receive in exchange. In this case, you want to focus on these leads that will lead you to these future ventures.

The idea is for you to pay someone else to do that work for you. Some flyer distributors charge per hour between $7 or $8 a hour or by amount of flyers. For example, distributing 1000 flyers for $50. You pick a traffic light or signal close to your office or if you work from your home, choose a higher volume area during high peak times of traffic.

Pick a nearby area and schedule to distribute the Flyers

When people go to into work is usually the best time to distribute flyers. There is a high volume of vehicles out on the road. Also, you can find other areas that have a high concentration of people that does not have to be at a traffic light.

It is very important what kind of attitude the person who will distribute the flyers has. There are some distributors who do not treat their job with any professionalism. Some do not say hello, say thank you, or in the worst cases, they do not distribute the flyers at all. Instead, they toss them in the garbage. You should check in on this person from time to time to make sure they are conducting their work correctly. Using flyers can lead up to 1 to 3 leads a day or even more if the distributor does a good job of distributing to future customers.

Put special care into the design of the Flyers.

It is very important the design of your flyers. The flyers should be something simple yet attention grabbing with the telephone number being extremely clear and easily remembered. If it can be in color, even better because it causes more of an impact when looked at. Using “subliminal” advertising by perhaps putting the face of a pretty girl with phone headsets or something similar with an appealing and sensual message. This resource sells. Of course without falling into extremes.

Not only distribute flyers personally, but also, send them to houses.

Sending flyers and brochures or small magazines to homes is a magnificent opportunity to obtain leads. It may be something more expensive to buy and distribute, but it also works. Local markets actually use this resource successfully with results. In the same print, they can give prices.

They can send to specific areas. For example, you can refer certain zip codes through the post office system in the United States to send them out to. This possibility exists in your country as well. Do not reject this route. Remember that in marketing whether physical or virtual, it all works if you follow the rules of being determined and using your intelligence.

Visit Local Businesses with Flyers and/or brochures for it is a great method for sales.

A fantastic procedure to promote your business is by visiting other local businesses. This you should do on your own and not look to anyone else for this help. If you are dedicated to marketing using the Internet or are an insurance agent, there is nothing better than appearing in person door to door to every business in your area. Many will tell you no. It depends on your ability to “woo” potential customers with your products and services.

If you do your job appropriately visiting at least 10 different local businesses, you will be certain to obtain results. You need to create a folder of presentation with your card and possibly a brochure positively backing up your services. And when you leave, follow up with this prospect or leads.

Be insistent, without being fastidious, convinced of the advantages your services have to offer. Here you are transitioning your training as a seller and getting the activity of your business precisely a float.
Get a sale. Take with you flyers and tell the owner to allow you to leave them after having a conversation with him. Later we will insist on this interview.

If i was to start new at this very minute and had only a little bit of money to invest, I would focus all of my efforts to obtain leads for my local business in two strategic ways: Distributing Flyers and Visiting Local Businesses. Of course, apart from working on the internet as explained previously.

The visit to this small business owner is crucial and is applicable to any activity whether you are involved in marketing, an online entrepreneur or an insurance agent. You should never work on the web alone. This is the reason why this ebook has the analysis of both aspects: Internet and Local Physical work.

Another method that works is to place flyers in business similar to our activity.

Placing flyers or business cards in similar businesses to ours (clinics, agents, hospitals, etc.) or activities similar to ours is another method that yields results. Take with you a good amount of flyers and business cards where ever you go. Distribute them to any place you wish to enter. Ask for permission to distribute information or look to see if others have done the same. This avoids owners from simply dumping unwanted propaganda in the garbage. Instead, if they are allowed to be there, others may have the opportunity to look at them.

Each interested person or whoever the flyer of your negotiation calls attention to will contact you. This is why the design of your flyers and business cards are important for your sales presentation pitch. You need to draw powerful attention so they distinguish you from other businesses. Just like you must be different in the way you promote yourself, it is also important to do so with presentation documents. These are “pictures” of your business activity and if you have an issues or bugs, you will not have expected results of success.

Therefore, all the sales methods that you propose are few. If you really wish to live off of this business and become a true professional, help others to obtain better policies of insurance and at the same time gain great commission from it. Be the owner of your own destiny and do not be tied to anything when you can truly create your own business as a salesperson, insurance agent and obtain sales not only by flyers but also through techniques and strategies that lead to irresistible success.


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