Learn how to Sell Obamacare

How to Sell Obamacare Insurance? We explain it to you in 4 steps.


How to become an insurance professional and sell health plans (Obamacare) subsidized by the Federal Government?

Before we begin our article, we must say that the term Obamacare insurance is not exactly right since this is not an insurance type or carrier. The name is derived from a legal change in the health insurance business during President Obama administration and this is the popular term.

This way, Obamacare is not insurance, it is an amendment to the health care law establishing mandatory health insurance and subsidized the health plans depending on economic status..

Medical insurance offers the same plans through the different insurers (insurance carriers) of old plus new agents. Blue Cross And Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry One, Molina HealthCare, Humana, Ambetter, etc., are the same carrier offering health insurance for decade.

The thing is that now you do not have to pay the $ 300, $400 or $500 if you lack the economy. You will receive a subsidy and end up paying less than $50 and in some cases: you pay nothing.

The subsidy has a close relationship with your tax return.

4 Steps to Start Selling.

How to report and sell Obamacare health insurance, the federally subsidized health plans?

STEP 1 – Become a Certified Insurance Agent: To become an insurance agent, you must first pass a pre-license course at an insurance school certified by your state. Our state-approved insurance school is located in the State of Florida. This is a mandatory step. It is not optional..

The state understands that a course of this type allows you to learn about the industry, know the different terminologies, and carry out your work as an insurance agent in a successful way. Therefore, the school and even the different courses must have certified licenses for that,.

The 215 license (life, health and annuity insurance) is used to sell different products throughout the year. This is a longer course. However, you can also get the 240 health insurance license and only sale health insurance policies by passing a slightly shorter course. The effort is almost the same, so the 215 is more promising.

Although the 215 insurance takes longer, the  silver lining is that after you pass the mandatory pre license with the school you do not need to sit the state exam for the three modalities at once. You can sit the exam for each one at a time.

Learn how to Sell Obamacare. After you pass all the school pre-licensing exams, satisfy the state exam, then you will get fingerprinted and assessed to ensure you are morally eligible to become an insurance agent.

There are established requirements, like having a social security number, be over 18 years old, have a work permit and reside in the state.

If you meet all the criteria above then congratulations! You already have a license as a 240 health insurance agent or a 215 health, life and annuities license. Unfortunately, you still cannot sell Obamacare insurance 

STEP 2 – Obtain the approval of the insurance companies: you made a great effort and managed to obtain your license as an insurance agent, at the end of your exam, but you are not ready yet. You must obtain the approval of the insurance companies for the products that you are going to offer (medical insurance, life insurance). These approvals are called: appointments.

However, it is relatively easy. You can do it yourself by contacting each of the insurers, although there are some that do not offer the opportunity, others do. The quickest and most effective way is to join an already established insurance agency, since you have the approvals (appointments) of said insurers and just filling out several contracts you ensure that you are admitted in each one of them.

STEP 3 – Get Your National Producer Number: now, you already have your insurance license, you are a certified agent, you have been admitted to the different insurance companies, but there are two important steps to get to sell Obamacare insurance.

One of them is to obtain your National Producer Number or NPN which is a unique and important way to identify you when selling health insurance. It is not difficult, it is just a procedure and the fact of being within an insurance agency enables you to expedite it.

STEP 4 – Take The Exam And Certify Yourself To Be Able To Sell: The Federal Government needs to know if you really know The Health Care Law and if you are ready to sell Obamacare Insurance.

This is another advantage of being represented by an agency. They help you in the process and work with you to open your account on the official CMS website and take the exam.

Everything is done via internet.

Work and continuing education.

It is not so hard! It depends on you to make it to the end and get licensed to work as insurance agent, one of the most profitable careers in the United States, and the best thing is that every year you can make money helping your clients choose from the different federally subsidized health plans of Obamacare. 

Learn how to Sell Obamacare. After you are licensed, it is up to you to learn the ropes of the insurance market and to continuously train yourself.

In both cases it is useful to be represented by an insurance agency.