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For Insurance Agents Sales with Telemarketing

How to achieve sales in telemarketing? How to achieve sales in telemarketing?

How to obtain sales of insurance by making phone calls or telemarketing?

How can I keep a successful link with customers or prospects over the telephone?

It is likely that you have not realized the possibilities and wonders that you can do with a telephone at hand. Some insurance agents that i know complain that they do not have prospects or leads to sell without realizing that a solution is right in their hands.

Working consistently with prospects and customers is what allows them to know you are there to access their needs or help them discover their needs. This allows you to satisfy their demands with respect to the products that you will be selling and achieve sales from other products we possess.

Assisting customers or prospects and telephone...

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Why become Health Insurance Agent?

Health care reform. Why become Health Insurance Agent?Why is it economically beneficial for you to become a health insurance agent and get your license in the state of Florida?

Insurance School in Miami, Florida. Dolphin Insurance School

With the new health plans of Obamacare, immense possibilities as an agent in the health marketplace for insurance have surfaced. Becoming a health or medical insurance agent has never been this easy and beneficial. This profession not only dramatically increases your income but give you the freedom you have always dreamed of.

It has always been extremely helpful to have this type of job as a health insurance agent...

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For Insurance Agents Sales with referrals

How to obtain sales from referrals?How to obtain sales from referrals?

How to obtain insurance sales recommended by other clients?

Which is the treatment with leads generated by reference of clients, friends, and known ones?

The easiest method to sell insurance is to do so by referrals or recommendations from our clients, friends , and acquaintances. When you have to generate a lead or a prospect in different ways, many times you should create the interest.

Its to say the client either has or does not have the need, but does not understand or is not looking for insurance, by which the results are more difficult to sell but not impossible just more laborious. However, with the person recommended by others, there is a 90% sales opportunity.

Trust is the most important link to “grow” for the insurance agent.

And this is fo...

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How to become an Insurance Agent

How to become an Insurance Agent at Dolphin Insurance School

How to obtain a license as an insurance agent in the State of Florida?

How to become a medical insurance agent or life insurance agent (Health and Life Insurance Agent)

The four steps needed for an Insurance agent license and becoming a salesperson

Why did we write this article? 

It is rather exhausting searching for information pertaining to your newfound profession and not finding suitable answers to your questions or finding very little information on the subject. Unfortunately, not every source can point you towards the right direction. We are here to help make this process an easy transition for you. On a daily, we work on this process to continue updating our users with information they need to help them become future certified insurance agents. 

For this reason, we compiled all t...

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