Why become Health Insurance Agent?

Health care reform. Why become Health Insurance Agent?Why is it economically beneficial for you to become a health insurance agent and get your license in the state of Florida?

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With the new health plans of Obamacare, immense possibilities as an agent in the health marketplace for insurance have surfaced. Becoming a health or medical insurance agent has never been this easy and beneficial. This profession not only dramatically increases your income but give you the freedom you have always dreamed of.

It has always been extremely helpful to have this type of job as a health insurance agent. The agent aids, helps, compares with the client the different medical insurance policies and health plan options, and to complete the application request for insurance associated to a specific plan. Based on insurance sales, the agent gains commission.

More commission for sales as a health insurance agent

Many medical insurance companies have agents who are approved to offer their products and promote the purchase of insurance to the consumer. Commission is rewarded based on the amount of the policy and premiums the client must pay. It is free to do the application. By law you can not pay the insurance agent. It is the company that assumes that responsibility.

Imagine that you work 8 hours in a place and make x amount of money. It is most likely that your salary is about $15 an hour (let’s suppose this to put the highest possible). That gives a total of 160 hours per month gaining $2,400 which is not bad. But let me tell you that an insurance agent that earns this amount of money most likely is not doing such a great job. It is possible the agent is just starting off and does not focus on sales. In my 10 years of experience as an insurance agent, i have known agents who gain $4000 up to $8000 or more a month which is $50 per hour.

It is possible to work less than the traditional 160 hours a month and gain 6 to 7 times what you earn now. In this moment, a magnificent opportunity exists to get your license as a health or life insurance agent. With health reform plans, the marketplace opens during periods of enrollment. Plenty of people seek and must apply for health insurance during this time.

The way the system is designed, you should get your license as an insurance agent and also get certified with Obamacare. The process is not highly complicated. You will need to pass some written exams in order to be prepared to work with clients and help them apply to such health plans.

Getting your license in the state of Florida as a health insurance agent

It is very important, once you see the juicy commission that you can make as a licensed agent in the state of Florida, not to miss the most important detail. Money is a motivation but should not be the only reason to develop this activity. We all have economic needs in this society getting more expensive day by day but your moving force should be your passion for this profession. This may seem rather corny but it is not.

You are not going to deal with people who have urgent health needs or perhaps they do not have them and need to buy health or life insurance, derived by legislation. Buying health insurance is not like getting a new cell phone or article of some sort. The most valuable thing to you is your customer. Be professional and treat them like you wish to be treated.

Therefore, becoming a salesperson for health insurance, obtaining your license in the state of Florida as an agent, working with the plans of Obamacare, and benefiting economically is a tremendous opportunity. The agents are profesional and help deliver service in a ethical manner to inform the client about best health plans available.



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